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Friday, February 11, 2011

Peace Pagoda

hermitA friend has invited me to take a drive to the  Peace Pagoda in Leverett, Massachusetts with him this weekend. Somehow this feels an apt journey after the amazing (miraculous!) events in Egypt. President Mubarak has finally fallen. May peace and the people and justice prevail.

Also just thinking of staying home. I am succored by my solitude right now. This morning, I drew the Hermit from the Tarot. Seemed right. Everything is telling me to Be Still. Do not run toward distractions. Even if the distraction is in the form of a Peace Pagoda.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008



Before I woke my astoundingly tall sons — how did this happen? — for their first day of school (5th & 8th grade) this morning, I performed my new moon ritual of lighting a candle and drawing a rune. The new moon was actually on Saturday, August 30th: O well, I think it’s ok to be imprecise when it comes to the moon…

When I draw a rune, I take it with me mentally and meditate on it throughout the day Sometimes, I use it as a weapon against despair or a psycho boss. In this case, Berkano speaks to me of continuous growth and fertility; it says propagate, propagate, propagate! It tells me to create and be in a perpetual state of birth-ing. No more biological children for me, so I take it to mean poems, stews, paintings, songs, friendships. I take it to mean: keep on keepin’ on.

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