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Wednesday, September 3, 2008



Before I woke my astoundingly tall sons — how did this happen? — for their first day of school (5th & 8th grade) this morning, I performed my new moon ritual of lighting a candle and drawing a rune. The new moon was actually on Saturday, August 30th: O well, I think it’s ok to be imprecise when it comes to the moon…

When I draw a rune, I take it with me mentally and meditate on it throughout the day Sometimes, I use it as a weapon against despair or a psycho boss. In this case, Berkano speaks to me of continuous growth and fertility; it says propagate, propagate, propagate! It tells me to create and be in a perpetual state of birth-ing. No more biological children for me, so I take it to mean poems, stews, paintings, songs, friendships. I take it to mean: keep on keepin’ on.

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