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Friday, April 8, 2011


From the book Not Vanishing by Chrystos




Thump I leap you      shake

down memories    hoarse    You die, are buried

your name closes the door

youreappearatnight   eyes wide   Iseetheuncaught

white man his shoes polished his hand gun

last pulse    the heart contracts    dreams our knees crumple

red neon flickers over your redman hands

black moccasins on white ground

curl unseen without frame

No bells on our feet    feather still    soles

worn through

I dance you


for Mani, murdered with his friend Marcus outside a Phoenix bar


Chrystos is a two-spirit activist poet artist amazing human being. Buy her books. Listen to her read another poem,  Song for a Lakota Woman, at a National Gay and Lesbian Task Force event on February 5, 2011, where she said ” “Everything you need to learn can be found for free, in close observation of your relationships with the earth, with each other and with yourselves.”


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